Otti’s Escape


Otti's Escape

In the dark, the trees and bushes stood to attention with military precision. A cat dropped down from the fence and crossed the pavement in front of them. He noted the cat was not all black, so not bad luck then! Fred grabbed Othilie’s warm hand more firmly. He preferred to think about the touch of her green-checked woolly coat flapping so softly around her body, and the unpredictability of her curves bouncing off his side when they walked. His own lean, wiry body moved with accuracy while Otti’s stride was uneven. She seemed to have too much nervous energy, like a skittish foal on too long legs. It irritated him a little that she could not fall into step with him, but it excited him also. The way she leaned towards him as they walked, he was acutely alert to the contact; now the electricity fizzed along his arm…

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