…but soft, what NEW light shines brightly through yonder window on Shakespeare’s tale?… Guest Blogger Sue Barnard is the luminary…

Seumas Gallacher

…what great fun it is to have some of my favourite Bloggery Buddies share with yeez on my wee Web page… today, Authoress, Sue Barnard tells all about her intriguing slant on a play yeez may have heard of…

Sue Barnard author pic



It’s over thirty years since I first saw Franco Zeffirelli’s wonderful 1968 film of Romeo & Juliet There wasn’t a dry eye in the house at the end, and I came away thinking: This is the world’s greatest love story – so why does it have to end so badly?

That question haunted me for many years.  Then, a few years ago, I chanced across one of those lists of Things You Must Do Before You Die.  I found most of the things on the list pretty underwhelming, but the one which leapt off the page and grabbed me…

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