Degrees of Losing Shan Purcell

Rosie Amber

Degrees of LosingDegrees of Losing by Shan Purcell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Casey Mitchell lives in Manchester, she is in such a place in her life that she just wants to exist. She uses alcohol and sex as a way of blotting out the constant images that plague her every day.

Casey has Hyperthymesia, perfect recall or a memory which plays back her past life like a movie in her head. Ask her what happened on any day in her life since she was twelve and she can tell you what she wore, what she ate and what was said. You might think this is a brilliant gift, just imagine how it would help you get through exams. But for Casey it’s horrific, she hates the constant movies, reliving the pain and hurt of relationships and her family life.

She’s attending the hospital where she undergoes tests into her condition…

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