Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Noelle reviews Two Rivers by Zoe Saadie

Rosie Amber

Today we have a review from Noelle, she blogs at


Noelle chose to read and review Two Rivers by Zoe Saadie


I am a huge fan of historical fiction and looked forward to reading this book. I was not disappointed.

Two Rivers, by Zoe Saadia, is the beginning of the Peacemaker series of historical fiction which creates the world in which five sister nations of Native American came together to form the great Iroquois confederation that lasted for centuries.

According to history, a Great Peacemaker came from the Wyandot (Huron) people and crossed Lake Ontario to southeastern Canada. There he encountered what he had experienced with his own people, a vicious cycle of warring and retribution, which drained the tribes of their young men and their resources. Without their men, the people had less plentiful crops, meat, and other things they needed to  survive the harsh winters. It was…

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