Crashing Into Love by Melissa Foster

Rosie Amber

Crashing into Love (Love in Bloom, #20; The Bradens #12)Crashing into Love by Melissa Foster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Crashing Into Love is Book #20 of The Love In Bloom series and #12 of The Bradens. It’s hot romance and ticks all the boxes for romance readers.

Jake Braden is an LA stuntman, he leads a fast life, women, parties, cars at a whirlwind pace. Anything to avoid the silence which will bring him crashing down in painful thoughts.

Fiona Steele is a geologist at the Bureau of Mines and Geology and for the last sixteen years she’s been avoiding Jake as much as he’s been hiding from her. As teenagers they dated but when Fiona’s father abandoned her mother, it caused upheaval in all their lives, with Fiona due to leave home for college, her Mum’s advice was to let Jake go and spread her wings.

It broke her heart to leave Jake and he never…

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