Remind me again… just why do we all blog?

Write Dorne

Yesterday, I asked a question on here. Did I really want more followers for my blog? I didn’t really expect to get any response… maybe the odd like. Quite a few of you took the time to stop by and like/ comment and for that I say thanks. I will get around to responding and dropping by your blog.

Tonight, I ask another question… just why do we all blog?

More and more of us seem to be taking time out from blogging… to :

  • Sleep more
  • Clean the house
  • Actually talk to our partners
  • Make friends with our friends
  • Read
  • Write – something other than our blogs

But, we are incapable of doing it. We announce that we are going on vacation and take the damn laptop with us and blog throughout the break.

We tell ourselves that we won’t blog that day and start to read the reader. Inspiration fires…

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