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Barb Taub, author of the quirky Tales from Null City, decided to add my name to her list for the WIP Blog Tour. As refusing any excuse to talk about the books is not in a writer’s nature, and as Barb is the only other writer I have come across to include the barghest amongst her characters, I can only accept graciously and say thank you Barb!

Tales_from_Null_City-Barb_Taub-1563x2500 (3)

There are a number of things in progress on this desk at the moment, including a cheese and pickle sandwich, but other than that and the rituals for the upcoming workshop, the most important is Scions of Albion, the third book in the Doomsday series, written with Stuart France.

hollow tree“Once in your life you will hear a story that you know to be untrue but will believe in your heart to be the most truthful story you have…

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