A-Z April Blogging Challenge: April Author Spotlight

Rereading Jane Eyre

Letter ‘B’ is for Ben Adams author of Six Months To Get A Life


Every day throughout the month of April 2015, I’ll be featuring an author and one of their novels. The featured authors share two main characteristics, firstly I enjoyed their novel, and secondly they publish independently or with a small publisher.

The spotlight has five parts: why I recommend the novel, and the author’s answers to three questions: what it’s the novel about, what the author is working on now, something about the author, and links to author and Works.

Why do I recommend Six Months To Get A Life?

I read many books about women or told from a woman’s point of view, so it’s refreshing and enlightening to read a book about a man facing a life-changing crisis, written by another man. This novel could be referred to as ‘lad-lit’ which explores the male…

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