False Allegiance

  • FalseAllegianceAuthor: E. L. Lindley
  • Kindle Edition
  • Category: Crime, Suspense, Romance
  • five-stars

When a grieving mother asks Georgie to look into the death of her daughter, she finds herself becoming entangled with a college fraternity and its sister sorority. As she strips away the tradition and elitism, she uncovers a dark core which suggests that the death of the young woman may not have been an accident. Calling upon her friends to help with the investigation, Georgie inadvertently places them in great danger. Rejoin Georgie Connelly in this fourth novel of the series where anything could and usually does happen.

Since the traumatic events of a month previously (A Righteous Path) Georgie is having difficulty shaking off the lethargy plaguing her. James is spending a lot of his time at the office and Danny is in the process of developing his own company and doing quite well. Georgie is feeling…

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