My Interview with the Talented and Successful Best Selling Children’s Author Sharon Tregenza.

 Today, I’m pleased to be talking to best selling children’s author Sharon Tregenza.

Quick introduction, Sharon; tell us who you are.




I’m a Children’s author and a proud Cornish woman living in a converted chapel in Box near Bath.


 Why do you write and when did you start writing?


I write because I simply love writing. I started over 20 years ago when I lived in the Middle East. I wrote articles, stories and poetry for the newspapers. I started off writing anything and everything they asked me to but soon realised it was the children’s stuff I loved. I wrote the children’s section of the inflight magazine for Emirates Airlines too.



What is your most memorable moment when writing?


Winning the Kelpies Prize. The three short-listed entries were presented at the Edinburgh Book Festival. I won a big cash prize and instant publication for my MG Mystery “Tarantula Tide”. Friends and family had travelled with me so there was a lot of partying that night. Brilliant moment. 


Please describe your latest book.

The Shiver Stone” is another MG Mystery set in beautiful Pembrokeshire. It involves mysterious strangers, hunting accidents and a stolen dog – there’s plenty of mystery and danger and a sprinkle of humour too.


What are you currently working on?

I’ve just sent my latest children’s book to my agent. That one is called “The Jewelled Jaguar” and set in Cornwall. There are dangerous sinkholes, Aztec knives and some very nasty characters for my young heros to catch.

I shall now work on two books simultaneously. It’ll be interesting to see how that works out. J

Sharon’s book,“The Shiver Stone”  can be found on:


You can see more of Sharon on her website:


And contact her on:



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