An #Ode to the humble #Tooth

Just Olga

Hi all:

You’ll be wondering why I am writing a post about teeth. Well, it’s not one of my habitual topics. But thinking about it, unless you’re a dentist, it’s not one of anybody’s habitual topics. And it got me thinking…

But how did this start?

As some of you might know, a couple of Saturdays ago was my birthday. As I’d been here and there I didn’t really plan anything much, other than having a bit of a rest. Cue… my tooth. One of my teeth decided to make itself noticed. And it rained… Yes, fabulous all around.

It kept hurting but as I had an appointment booked with the dentist for the following week, I managed, and it did get better. I had mentioned this to a couple of friends, and with one of them (Hi, Martie!) I had even speculated on the possible reasons for…

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