Cupid’s Way by Joanne Phillips @joannegphillips #Romance

Rosie Amber

Cupid's WayCupid’s Way by Joanne Phillips

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cupid’s Way is a cosy romance set in Bristol, UK. Evie Stone is due a couple of weeks holiday where she’ll help her Grandparents attend a meeting about the future of their house. But first she must give a talk at a Go Green Conference for her boss in Cardiff. She’s late because she fell asleep on the train and she arrives flustered.

A lovely man called Michael finds her in reception and helps her arrive in time to present her lecture on “Cladding For The Cost Conscious”. With a storm blowing in, trains are shut down and Evie spends the night in the hotel bar with Michael. There’s a spark between them which is still there at breakfast next morning, until Michael abruptly leaves.

Later Evie attends a planning meeting with Frank and Mavis and the other residents…

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