Beach Reads Blog Tour 2015 Day 6 #BeachBooks @dino0726

Rosie Amber

It’s Day 6 of our Beach Reads Book Tour and today my guest is book reviewer Diane Coto from

Beach Read Postcard

FictionZeal’s ‘Summer Beach Reads’ Suggestions:

Some people like to travel to the mountains for a holiday, and I can understand why. In the heat, the trees often provide some much appreciated shade. However, I’m a beach goer. The ocean water totally relaxes me and if I have a book along … well, it really adds a whole other dimension to relaxing and enjoying the beach. I love sitting on the balcony with a book, feeling the ocean breeze; hearing the gulls and the ocean waves and families chattering below … it’s about as close to heaven as I can imagine while here on earth.

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My preferred beach is Myrtle Beach, SC. It only takes about 2.5 hours to get there from our home. The beach is beautiful and kept-up very well…

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