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Melissa A. Joy 01Hello, I’m Melissa, and I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I started writing seriously, knowing I wanted to be a published fantasy author, when I was approximately thirteen years old.

That’s when I created the world of Aeldynn, and I have been developing it ever since. Telling you why I write would be a difficult task. Simply put, I do it because I have an entire world in my head, and millions of images, motives and emotions to share with everyone. It can’t stay locked up in my head forever,

Me on board Stavros S Niarchos

During my teens, I role-played on the MSN chatrooms with a friend I found online. We grew close like sisters and after clearing we were who we said we were with one another’s parents, we stayed with one another on a regular basis. When the MSN chatrooms closed, we moved…

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