My review of  Round and Round by Terry Tyler

I give it 4* – with great enthusiasm! 

Round And Round by Terry Tyler

Round and Round is yet another brilliantly clever novel by Terry Tyler. I can’t get enough of her books; somehow they keep finding their way to the top of my ‘to be read’ pile.

As usual, the narrative slips seamlessly along taking the reader into the world of the protagonist, Sophie Heron, fast approaching her fortieth birthday and looking back at her life. Each chapter focuses on different aspects of her choices. It’s a thought provoking read of ‘what if’

The characters are skilfully drawn with many facets to their personalities; something that is done in all this author’s book. And the dialogue differentiates each one. Enough said; if the characters come to life for me, a story works. Even the elusive Aunt Flick, long gone but still a magical, guiding presence in Sophie’s life, is believable; don’t we all have times when we think ‘what would …. have done?’  Add your own name there – bet it’s true for all of us. Whether Sophie heeds the advice, is something to be discovered by the reader.

 Excellent plot-line, great sense of place, skilful writing. Satisfying!! One for me to thoroughly recommend

 Find Round and Round here:


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