Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Barb reviews Camera, Action Murder by @FaithMortimer #BookReview

Great review from Barb –

Rosie Amber

Today’s team book review comes from Barb, she blogs at

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Barb chose to review Camera, Action, Murder by Faith Mortimer


My Review: 3  stars out of 5

With its echoes of Agatha Christie, the premise of Camera…Action…Murder! sounded promising. Amateur sleuth Diana Rivers is a writer but has been having trouble actually finishing her next book following the birth of her daughter. She’s bored. So when she and her husband are invited to travel from their home in Cyprus to attend a reunion of their old theater company at a posh country house estate in England, she’s thrilled, despite her memories of a still-unsolved assault fifteen years earlier. In best Christie style, we meet Diana’s old friends, and are introduced to the simmering brew of old resentments and new tensions at some length before the first murder occurs, followed by the second killing.

The story certainly seems to follow the Christie “formula”…

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