Writing in the Library

Debbie Young

A post about writing fiction and finding inspiration in public libraries

Modern desk with computer In the blue corner, my business desk

For the first time today, I decided to take a mini writing retreat in my local public library, and I’m jolly glad I did.

I’m lucky enough to have my own study at home, in which I’ve squeezed both a business desk for my freelance work and, for my fiction writing, a tiny upright bureau that used to be my grandfather’s. Even though it’s currently in a relatively tidy state, I needed some cooler air in which to write. My study’s upstairs, and all the heat in the house seems to gravitate towards it and stay there.

Old upright bureau with paper notebook In the red corner, my fiction writing desk

As I had to go into our nearest town anyway to run an errand, I decided to take my notebook with me and sit in the calm…

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