The Mystery Of The Missing Laptop And Other Tales From The Summerhouse

A catch up post

A View From My Summerhouse

Hello dear friends!

Thank you so much for your lovely, warm welcome back. It’s great to be blogging again, although I still don’t have my shiny and new, bright and breezy, newly repaired laptop.  Shall I tell you why?  Because five weeks since I returned it to the computer shop for sending off for repair, it seems that it is now lost, somewhere in the Czech Republic apparently.

A bona fide mystery.  Fodder for my next flash fiction story, perhaps?  Perhaps not.

We have recently had a heatwave here in the UK, but nothing that matched the heated telephone conversations I’ve had these past few weeks in trying to get this sorry saga sorted out.  I’m surprised my phone didn’t melt.

But there is some good news: As of last Friday, I have a temporary replacement laptop with my files and Word, with the promise from the manager of the…

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