#BookReview for tragic romance WHEN THE CROWS FLY LOW by VJ Patterson, + excerpt/ interview

Barb Taub

What makes us love those tragic lovers?

tumblr_mvzpgahxRj1qck9jso1_500It was a tiny book, maybe just over a hundred pages. First the Dullea sisters had a copy, but by the end of the week everybody in my highschool was reading Love Story. It fit nicely behind our textbooks, even behind the Tale of Two Cities we were supposed to be discussing in English. Sister Mary History Class was astonished to see how many of her students were moved to tears by the fall of the Roman Empire. We sniffled as we read it in propped up behind our math and Spanish textbooks, and then we all went to the movie and bawled again.

So what is it about sad love stories that has us coming back for more? Is it that we’re just happy to be able to say to ourselves, “Well, my lover didn’t kill himself over my (faked) death…

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