Earth, stone and sky

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

curbar, baslow,derbyshire

Whenever I arrive in the north too early to meet my companion, which I try really hard to do, I treat myself to a little time alone on the moors. As I seldom have much time, I often stop at a place where, no matter what the weather, I know I will be able to see for miles, breathe the air of the high places and feel stone and earth beneath my feet… earth that sparkles with tiny flakes of crystal eroded from the sandstone. I have tried to capture the sparkle, failing, of course, except for once when I cheated and used a camera setting that is supposed to add a starburst to the brightest highlight on a picture. You couldn’t see the landscape… the picture was just a mass of starbursts, as if someone had thrown glitter into the air and let it settle. On days like Saturday…

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