Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Dream On by @TerryTyler4 #bookreview

Rosie Amber

Today’s team review is from Judith, she blogs at

Rosie's Book Review team 1

Judith chose to read and review Dream On by Terry Tyler


Terry Tyler’s novel, Dream On, took me by surprise. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I wasn’t even sure that I’d like the book as much as the ones of this authors I’d previously read. But I took it as a challenge to myself because I know nothing of rock music, intensely dislike television celebrity talent shows and, to be honest, having read the write up about Dream On, thought I wouldn’t be able to relate to any of these characters

How wrong I was. This book, for me, was an exposé on human frailties and strengths; of ambition, sexuality, love, selfishness and compassion. The strength of Terry Tyler’s writing is in the characters that populate her books. I found myself getting exasperated and disbelieving the actions of a character one minute, and cheering…

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