Over the hill…

Intruding excerpt …

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

snake adder barbrook  merin stone beeley derbyshire ani 223

We had chosen to take the long, winding lane up the hill. After a while we turned off onto a long, straight stretch that seemed to climb into the clouds over the top of Beeley moor. It is a beautiful road, and here the sky comes low enough to touch. I can never resist the chance to find the high places that I love. But for once, that wasn’t our reason. We had been hoping to see an ice-cream vendor. A particular one. Why? Well, it had all been a bit odd really. After a long, hot climb through the woods one day last year, far longer than it should have been, we had emerged from their shelter into blazing sun, only to find ourselves still a long way from the summit of the moor and our destination. Out of breath, sweltering and, for some reason, wearing wet weather gear…

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