The Dreamcatcher by Maggie Christensen #bookreview #FamilyDrama @MaggieChriste33

Rosie Amber

The Dreamcatcher (The Oregan Coast series #2)The Dreamcatcher by Maggie Christensen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Dream Catcher is set in Florence, Oregon and continues the stories of characters we first met in The Sand Dollar. Ellen Williams is a native American book shop owner, she can see signs and portent of events past and future.

The book quickly jumps in with her brother Ron’s accident with a boat hook, he needs a trip to the hospital. Travis Petersen is staying with Ron, he’s an ex-war veteran and Ellen labels him as a waster.

Ellen’s parents are also going through some problems, her Dad Dick is getting forgetful and having vacant moments of memory loss, this leads to his own accident and once again Travis is there at the hospital.

Throw into this mix a threat from new developers who want to tear down Ellen’s shop and Ellen is in need of support and…

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