We Came, We Blogged, We Bashed

Sounds to have been a great day

Helen Jones

Great day for a Blogger's Bash... Great day for a Blogger’s Bash…

Today was the first Annual Blogger’s Bash Awards, held in London and attended by around twenty bloggers, including myself. We were a mostly UK based bunch except for Ali who flew in from Ireland to attend and Conny from Germany, a welcome surprise addition to our group.

I arrived just before eleven at the British Library and… there was no-one there. Then a woman who’d been taking photos of the wonderful Isaac Newton statue came up to me.

‘Are you here for the Blogging Bash?’ she asked, very brave under the circumstances. It turned out to be Marje from Kyrosmagica, and she’d recognised me from the photo on my own blog. Pleased to meet a fellow blogger at last, I shook hands and we chatted for a few minutes before a Blogging Bash T-Shirt-clad Hugh, from Hugh’s News and Views appeared and said…

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