MYSTERY MONDAYS: Sleuthing With Catherine Astolfo


Catherine’s books are gritty, yet portray gorgeous surroundings; they deal with sensitive social issues, but always include love and hope. They’re not thrillers, but rather literary mysteries with loads of character and setting. And justice always prevails.

So let’s see what she has to say about female protagonists today. If you have questions for Catherine, leave a comment below and hear back directly from her.


The Feisty Female Sleuth byCatherine Astolfo

Even before Miss Marple, there was a spirited female, middle-aged and widowed, who partnered up with Scotland Yard to solve crimes (1860’s). Mrs. Paschal was not afraid to eschew the traditional trappings of a lady back then (e.g. crinolines) to chase after the bad guys.

As I began to read mystery novels, and then write my own, I realized very quickly that I love kickass heroines. Whether they are amateur or professional sleuths, I admire their courage, ingenuity…

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