Writing the same book twice & why I don’t want to

Making it up as I go along

Even before Ghostbird is published, I’m well on my way to finishing the first draft of Book the Second. The internet is littered with articles warning me how scary, fraught and downright cursed it’s likely to be. I have recently discovered Second Novel Syndrome and apparently it’s an actual thing: a condition afflicting even the most successful writers. (Hard to imagine A S Byatt wondering if The Shadow of the Sun was it.)

Before I received the offer for Ghostbird I was happily writing my new story because I wanted to. It has been quietly gathering momentum for almost a year. I was under no duress and there were no expectations. Now it’s real – I’m going to be published – and inevitably there will be a certain expectation of a second book. It’s daunting but then again, it’s only me and no one is waiting with actual bated breath…

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