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Christine KelenyI don’t like boring people, and Iike my blog header says, I don’t like taking myself too seriously. So if I stray, just stop reading. I understand, and besides, I won’t know the difference.

So here goes.

I am a writer: I’ve published 6 books to date and I’m working on #7, of course. Because I’m a writer. All of my published books are Here.

Why do I write?: I’m not sure, really. It seems like something that makes me feel good. I like good reading, but many people like good reading and they don’t write, so that can’t be it, totally anyway. It’s just one of those things, I guess. I have always enjoyed putting good sentences down on paper (or on the computer) so I write. If it entertains or even educates without someone knowing it, all the better! Most of my books are historical fiction…

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