Tips For Hosting A Facebook Launch Party


Exhausted, that’s how I felt when my Facebook launch party ended. Three hours of  chatting online, asking trivia questions, keeping track of winners, and answering questions.

This is the story of how I created and hosted my first launch party.

Preparation for the event.

  • Create a banner to announce your event. I used It’s free.

Release  Day Party

  • Set up event on Facebook. Remember to make the event public or only your friends can see it.
  • Put the back description of your novel at the top of the page with a link to where your book is sold. You can use to create a link that will take the person to the amazon site of their home country.
  • Invite all your friends and ask them to share your post.
  • Send a reminder the day before and the morning of the event.
  • Have something to give away. I had 14 books donated by other…

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7 thoughts on “Tips For Hosting A Facebook Launch Party

  1. Must be boring to read but here goes: I have a day at I’ve organised a book fair as part of There’s a couple of craft fairs I go to and I have a couple of talks with groups of the U3A. Also I teach creative writing to adults so need to get going with planning the next term’s classes. I have a friend staying with us at the moment who needs a lot of TLC – so this time of night is the only time to catch up. But we had a lovely day walking the Pembrokeshire Coast today in glorious sunshine. All that said – I’ve never done a book tour of my own – joined in a few but not my own – so this post was great to read. In danger of waffling now so will say goodnight – it’s turned one o’clock, I see. jx

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    • I just saw your reply today. Thanks for sharing all that today. I’ve never done a book tour on my own either. I’m trying to organize a book signing this December with 4 other authors and that’s hard enough.


      • Some days it’s all about catching up, Kristina – easy to miss the odd thing.I’m in the middle of organising a book fair under the umbrella of the local arts festival in Tenby on the 19th. We have fourteen authors coming – now that’s fun!!. Good luck with your book signing event – it’ll be interesting to read about it.Jx


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