How walking helps my writing and my main character’s fear of cows: a guest post by Anne Goodwin #sugarandsnails

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sugar and snails coverI met Anne Goodwin on 7th September 2009 at Ted Hughes former home. We were participating in an Arvon course. It was an excellent five days and, beyond the learning and time to write, the joy was in mingling with fellow writers, a disparate group starting out on the journey to a novel. I made short note in my journal of all the participants. Of Anne I wrote:

psychologist, teacher, giggler extraordinaire – really lovely person – story about…

but that would be a spoiler. Lumb Bank is perfect for writers, but also for walkers and during the afternoons Anne and I and one or two others took ourselves off into the woods for a ramble.

And here we are, nearly six years on and Anne is not just a writer but an author. We are still friends, still sharing this journey. I am delighted to give over this blog to…

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