MYSTERY MONDAYS: The Monster Inside Us by Donna Galanti

Wrong day – but still really worth a read!

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Get ready to be frightened. Today on Mystery Mondays Donna Galanti shares her monsters. In her own words here is what Donna has to say.


In some movies and books the monsters are obvious. But are the monsters inside us? In the first two books of my paranormal suspense Element Trilogy, A Human Element and A Hidden Element, I write about monstrous characters.

Adrian wields power over his people with fear.

In A Human Element, X-10 appears to be the obvious monster. He is deformed. He kills. He seeks blood and revenge. He has no remorse. Yet as we come to discover it’s a combination of his genes and environment – the line between monster and victim begins to blur.

I am drawn to writing stories that feature the monsters inside us; the things we fear, battle, and seek escape from. Sometimes we need to face them…

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