Guest author, Geoffrey Saign

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

As I head north towards the moors and the heather this weekend, I am happy to welcome Geoffrey Saign, author of the award-winning WhipEye Chronicles. The second book in the series, Gorgon, is due for imminent release.

I write about nature and self-awareness—sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly.

When I was seven years old, for some reason I loved nature. I ran to ponds to find crayfish and frogs, delighted in snakes and salamanders, and anything from birds to squirrels excited me. By the time I was fifteen, I was already a member of Greenpeace and looking at the larger world. I decided by the year 2000 humans would have to change or the planet would be a mess. About that same time I began to look inward.

Internatinal Book Awards I work in education now, and often my students (18-21) have not been in nature and are even apprehensive about it…

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