…okay so ye’re an Author… yeez gotta have dreams, right?…

Wonder why we authors have to be put in a box? Metaphorically speaking of course. hah!

Seumas Gallacher


…the two potentially deadliest opinions on a scribbler’s WURK are prob’ly from family and friends… ‘coz family are usually so supportive, and also, they may be depending on yer writing to put food on the table on a regular basis… they will generally tend to encourage the heck out of yeez… friends, more often as not, will hesitate to render any negative commentary on yer masterpieces… that leaves the casino/lottery of reviews from independent readers—these days, found in droves on the pages of the Great God Amazon and other eBook channels… extract the trolls, who sum’times get to manoeuvre their bullsh*t onto these sacrosanct opinion posts, and what’s left is the reality… my personal view is that the majority of reviews will be in the 4-star and 5-star range… quite simply, human nature will veer toward not publishingtruly devastating put-downs, preferring in such instances not to post…

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