Here We Are Again: Reissuing My First Ever Published Short Story

One to look out for, I think #readers #books

Debbie Young's Writing Life

cover of The War of the Peek Freans Light Wounded New this summer: my first published short story, rescued from print archives and revived for ereaders everywhere

Although this summer I’ve been largely offline, due to holidaying in areas without wifi (sooo restful), I haven’t been idle. In fact, I’ve been beavering away at every opportunity with old-fashioned writing technology (i.e. a pencil and paper – very enjoyable until you realise how long it takes to type it all up when you get home). While in Scotland, I finished writing my next collection of short stories, Marry In Haste, which will be published in October.

But I’ve also been travelling in time, taking stock of short stories I wrote many years ago. I’ve been surprised at just how many I have tucked away and forgotten about.

New Outing for Old Story

One result of my trip through the archives is that I’ve decided to reissue the very first short…

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