Ships, trains, planes…and Folkestone Taxi. #Vacation, #Paris

How to keep a sense of humour despite so much opposition. Well done, Barb

Barb Taub

Lemon Macarons (click for recipe)

Lemon Macarons (click for recipe)

Paris might give you lemons, but they’ll be in your macaron citron…

There was good news and bad news. It was just a bit hard to figure out which was which.

  • When I wrote here about how the Hub’s beloved car, The Classic, fatally exploded across the Paris freeway (bad), it meant that we would be stuck in Paris (good) for a week (very good).
  • We would have to get rid of some of our baggage like the food (meh), my little picnic hamper fitted out with plates and utensils (sad), the wine I’d gotten in Spain (very, very sad), and the dog’s bed, blanket, toys, food, medicine, and spare ball-flingers (Not. Okay, maybe we could replace the bed—it was her third-favorite one—and one of the ball-flingers…).
  • Our wonderful friends had just…

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