Episode 479: Tuesday Tidbit. Seven Embarrassing Sexual Fails! (18+)

Oh, I remember those days!! (couldn’t resist that!) Husband would be mortified if he read what I’ve just written – but I always tell him our sex life is nothing to do with anyone else (I don’t like to boast after forty five years together it’s still ,,,) It’s much the same when I write (not too explicit but still there) sex scenes in my books. When friends ask me how I can write them (they add so well! – but don’t want to boast about my writing here – ahem!!) I tell them I have a good memory. Exit one cross Hubby. haha. Love the post by the way

Edwina's Episodes

Sex is fraught with the potential for embarrassment, and a good sense of humour very often ‘comes in handy’  (if you’ll pardon the pun) to deal with some of the most common cringeworthy moments that most of us have encountered at some stage in our sexual shenanigans!

  1. Things are heating up, the pace is getting faster, and more passionate, then…. PARPPPPP. Oh No, someone has let one off! You both freeze as the horror of the moment sinks in; hopefully things will resume pretty quickly afterwards and the mood is not lost!
  2. Ready for a bit of bedroom action, everything is going well….kissing and touching,  breathing is getting heavier, your body is responding to the sensuous caresses but something is not quite right. You have noticed that your partner has backed off just  a little. You are getting to the point now where touching is not enough, and as you…

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