Ireland, Ring of Kerry and I Temporarily Overcome My Fear of Dogs.

Hmm, I laughed throughout this post – until the end. And then I remembered , while being in China, of my ever-eager photographer husband taking a picture of an old woman weaving. She was very upset. And we realised how discourteous it was – just to take a photograph without asking (and possibly walking away if she’d understood and said no) perhaps next time, Andrew…? Great blog by the way.

Have Bag, Will Travel

Ring of Kerry

Inch Beach, Dingle…

It was the final day in Ireland and we had a late flight home so we debated how best to make the most of our final moments.  We decided to drive the Ring of Kerry.  On account of the engine management warning lights this might have been rather rash but we decided to go ahead regardless.

It was a shame to leave the Dingle Skellig Hotel but as we loaded the bags into the car I made a mental note to add it to my ‘places I must return to one day’ list and then we left the car park and drove east.

After a while we came to a place called Inch beach, a spit of perfect sand that intrudes five kilometres into Dingle Bay and really looks for all the world as though it shouldn’t really be there at all – an expanse of…

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