Meet the Writer: Barb Taub

Grab the Lapels

Barb TaubI’m very excited to have Barb Taub, a writer and blogger, stop by Grab the Lapels today for a “Meet the Writer” feature. I’ve been following Barb’s blog all summer, reading how “Life Begins When the Kids Leave Home and the Dog Dies,” the top ten reasons to not have kids from a serial kid producer, and Barb’s summer work/vacation in Europe that involves a lot of chaos–death in Paris, and torturing foreign drivers, for example.

What is your writing process like? Which do you favor, starting or revising?

I’m a plotter wannabe. Before I start any new project, I draw up character sheets, take the characters on practice outings, and make an outline. Then I start writing and all of that just floats off into the ether, never to surface again. Yup. I’m a total pantser. Once I’ve got most of a first draft, I…

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