#RBRT #Bookreview #Steampunk THE VIPER AND THE URCHIN

Another great review from Barb

Barb Taub

great characters are just three sliders away

The usually entertaining and always brief team at Writing Excuses were playing around a while ago with the idea of character development, especially as applied to fantasy. In a few of their fifteen-minute podcasts—“Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.”—they proposed the idea of a three-pronged model of attributes that make up each character. You can, of course, argue about which three attributes to look at. They chose competence, proactivity, and sympathy, but could have easily chosen vulnerability, or creativity, or any number of other traits.

But I liked the ones they chose, and immediately began looking at how they might apply to familiar fantasy genre characters. Imagine, if you will, the Character Factory App, designed for children of writers (who obviously don’t have time to tell stories to their own kids). It opens quite…

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