#RomancingSeptember Day 9 Lost Betrayal by @F_J_Thomas #Romance

Day 9 of #RomancingSeptember and it’s romance on the ranch #RBRT #romance

Rosie Amber

Welcome to Day 9 of #RomancingSeptember

2015 cover

Today our guest is author F J Thomas and her book Lost Betrayal


Where is your home town?

I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee but I live in Sweetwater, Tennessee.

How long have you been writing romance?

It took me 10 years to write and sell Lost Betrayal but I had started a couple of other books that I never finished about five years prior. So, a little over fifteen years.

What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?

I love western romances of all kinds, and I like paranormal romances as well.

Tell us where your book is set.

Lost Betrayal takes place in the northern foothills of Georgia.

Introduce us to Sage.

Sage is a tough cowgirl that’s desperately fighting to keep her family’s ranch financially afloat after the loss of her father and the death of her rich playboy husband. She…

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