Friday Fantastic Flash No.3 with Geoff le Pard


Last week’s Friday Fantastic Flash Challenge was this;

You are drifting, down, down, through deep water. It is cold, dark, murky. You are desperate for air, and you sense something’s out there… you are not alone. Will you sink or swim?

Proving he could swim like a dolphin, Geoff le Pard was quick to take up the gauntlet; he just can’t seem to resist a writing challenge… he does LOADS of them!

Why does everything have to change?
For as long as I can remember I’ve been here, warm, comforted, constantly fed love. The light is beautiful, the place is just… safe.
But recently I’ve felt somehow different. First it was the shocks, like quakes in the walls. I knew not to be frightened, I don’t know why, but looking back that was the start. Then I noticed things. Everywhere was getting smaller, tighter and I kept twisting and turning.

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