Conflict, Exactly what is That? – (Guest Post)…

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deanie-humphrys-dunneOne of the keys to a successful children’s story is conflict.

What exactly is that?

Do your characters have to be engaged in a knock down drag out fight?

No, but one of the building blocks of a good story is a struggle of some sort.

Usually, the main character has to be involved in the conflict you develop.

Another word for a conflict is a problem that involves the main character.

Why does it need to be the main character?

Generally, the main character learns something important by solving his/her problem. The main character has to do something which will bring about the result that he/she wants.

Let’s look at some examples so you have a good picture of what I’m trying to convey.

Mary wants to audition for the part of the dancer in the school play. She’s already been studying dance for two years so she feels…

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