#RomancingSeptember Day 16 Whisk Me Up by @ZeeMonodee

#Readers It’s Day 16 of #RomancingSeptember and it’sZee Monodee and her book Whisk Me Up set in lovely Yorkshire #RBRT

Rosie Amber

Welcome to Day 16 of #RomancingSeptember

2015 cover

Our guest today is Zee Monodee and her book Whisk Me Up

Whisk Me Up

Where is your home town? 

I am from a small island called Mauritius in the Southern Indian Ocean, and my hometown is the second largest city on the island and named Curepipe. The city is located almost in the middle of the land, on the higher upper plateaus – it used to be a stop on the road from the port in the south east, Mahebourg, to the port in the north west, Port Louis (also the capital of Mauritius). Travellers would stop in Curepipe to ‘cure la pipe’ – in French, this means to refill and smoke from the pipe again, and hence, the name Curepipe stuck because that was the main purpose of the city in olden days J And it being at the highest altitude on the island, we…

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