#Read about Guest #Author Jane Hanser

This is a lovely piece of writing – and so a book is born

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Jane Hanser
The quiet moments are exceedingly rare. Yesterday was a hot sunny end-of-summer day, the kind of day that just makes you want to sit on a front porch, and I was sitting quietly on the wooden front steps of my doctor’s office, having just left an appointment, possibly sipping some cold water; a woman who I presume was arriving for her appointment walked toward me so I for certain took notice of her, which is when she asked me, kindly, “Are you coming or going?”

Neither,” I answered kindly, in return.

Puzzled and feeling misunderstood, she tried to explain herself, but I had known just what she meant. No, there was no scheduling conflict. (She was surely confused by the fact that most people usually just leave right away after their appointments.)

For waves, there’s a point where the wave comes in and a point where the wave goes…

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