Rooted in the Land – Quiet Stones

Fascinating part about the barber-surgeon – sets the writer’s thoughts racing on.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

avebury se 2015 (4)There is something about the south-western quadrant of Avebury’s great circle of stones that feels different. It has a secluded feel, as if it is set apart from the rest. Perhaps it is the relative position of the roads and the lack of intrusion by the village that has grown up within the stones… perhaps the high, sheltering embankment that seems to shield it from the outside world. Whatever the cause… and we have the odd theory beginning to formulate, this little section feels quite different. Calmer… more withdrawn from the continual footsteps of its visitors.

avebury se 2015 (13)

I had, for some reason, never fully walked the length of this segment before. There is nothing else to see within the field except the henge and circle; no enigmatic features lie within the curve, so the stones themselves have all your attention. Not that it would be anywhere else with such forms and…

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