Coffee with Barb and Matt Abraham: waiting tables = dad training

Yet another fabulous post from Barb. Meet Matt Abraham

Barb Taub

Nobody listens to me…

coffee with BarbAs I tried to explain here (and here)…okay and here—parenting is not for the faint of heart or stomach. Luckily, that advice is too late for this week’s guest blogger, writer Matt Abraham.

Please pour yourself a cup and get comfortable. And if the baby cries, don’t worry. Matt’s got this one.

Parenting: grace under pressureParenting: grace under pressure

How waiting tables prepares you for baby’s first month

by Matt Abraham

I was terrified when I had my kid four weeks ago. He was tiny and fragile, screaming and shaking, and all I knew was that I wanted to succeed as a parent. However, the only skills I possessed dealt with waiting tables. What was I going to do, upsell him a bottle of wine or crumb his bib between courses? But after four weeks of fathering I realize there was no need for concern, because as surprising…

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