My Literary Jerusalem Experience

This is a brilliant post – fascinating. One not to miss. Thanks Christoph.


Here are some literary impressions from my recent journey to Jerusalem. Thoughts of great books I have read and of ‘local’ authors that were never far from my mind on this trip:

12002804_10152947112387132_5414541810488819684_nRise to power new

The David Chronicles by Uvi Poznansky made my sightings of references to King David David all the more powerful. Check out her post on this blog about the Perils of Biblical Inspiration and my interview with her.


This sign reminded me of Ellis Shuman, an American author living in Israel. Here is my interview with him about his novel “Valley of the Thracians” and “The Virtual Kibbuz”. Ellis writes for the Huffington Post and the Oslo Times and is fascinated by all things Bulgarian and Poker.


One of my literary highlights was finding Revital Shiri-Horowitz, a Jewish writer of Iraqui descend, on twitter, a few years back now. Her book “Daughters of Iraq” and “Hope to See you…

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