…well tonight thank god it’s them instead of you…


12204688_10153103483856035_976416454_nThis Thanksgiving I’m most thankful to the wonderful and selfless people busy with humanitarian aid work for the refugees in Europe. As the crisis continues I am going to continue to post impressions, using words from the volunteers and those involved. And I will keep on mentioning the one aid campaign that I know and trust the most: Rando Wagner’s gofundme campaign. https://www.gofundme.com/humansasone

If you live in London and have clothes or want to help , get in touch via comments on this blog. His next mission in on December 10th.

First off, though, I think we need to step back from the idiotic scaremongering by Trump and equally uneducated followers and remind ourselves that the Syrian people are trapped between

12208626_10153176198846641_7816030940353918374_n*ruthless extremists, suicide bombers and medieval jihadists

*a president who shoots at his own people when they demonstrate and demand basic freedoms

*bombing and terror from Western and Russian…

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