Displaced Polish People after WW2 and “LUDWIKA: A Polish Woman’s Struggle To Survive In Nazi Germany”


ludwika book concept (1)My new novel Ludwika chronicles the life of a Polish woman from Przedborów working in Germany during WW2.

Millions of People from the East were forced to work under harsh conditions as ‘Ostarbeiter’ for a labour short Reich.

It is a subject often neglected because it pales in comparison to the horrors that occurred during that period.
When we hear Displaced People we know they are not just Holocaust survivors from the death camps but stories about the relocation of the Displaced People often focus on Jews trying to get to Palestine.

What happened to the rest of them in the chaos that followed German’s Capitulation is little known about. My novel Ludwika tries to shed some light on that topic, and I tried to show what life was like for Polish people in Germany during the war.

Ludwika’s story is one of many to be told that doesn’t involve as…

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