How Not to Give Up…

Jak Harrison

Banging on the door of The Hole in the Wall pub in Bristol before opening time not only made me feel desperate, I probably looked it too. Fellow desperado Fran Price had apparently arrived even earlier than me and had quickly scuttled off to a far more respectable coffee establishment before being spotted. It felt like a scene from ‘The Unexpected Party’ (The Hobbit) with a little clutch of writers keen to get indoors!

This was just my second meeting, so I was a little nervous to say the least. Who would be there? Would everyone know each other, leaving me as the newbie sitting on the sidelines biting my nails? After the initial embarrassment of not gaining entry to the HITW, I couldn’t have wished for a more welcoming group. Thank you Jo Thomas, Nicky Keller, Glyn Scott, Mike Pringle, Fran Price and Claire Fayers for making me feel…

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