The 12 Days Of Christmas by “Her Indoors” co-author @TerryTyler4 #wwwblogs Day 4

First laugh out loud of the day. Terry, Rosie – you’re stars!!

Rosie Amber

Christmas Tree

The Twelve Days of Christmas –

by ‘Her Indoors’, Rosie Amber & Terry Tyler

On the Fourth Day Of Christmas my true love gave to me ~

Four Calling Birds….

calling birds

“Now listen here, this neighbourhood has a good reputation. Have you heard the stuff they’re coming out with? Only yesterday her at number twenty-seven told me that they’d been squawking—well, no, I can’t repeat it. Why couldn’t you have got me a pasta maker like a normal husband? Or one of those ice cream makers, I fancy one of them. Instead, what do I get? Four more feathered friends with mouths like a bleedin’ sewer. Pardon me French; well, it’s rubbing off on me, ain’t it?”

Three French Hens….

french hens

“FRENCH? Don’t tell Uncle Bill, you know what he has to say about the French! And what’s wrong with a nice Rhode Island Red, might I ask? They have a good…

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